Teens and Mediation

Welcome to the “Taste of Mediation” program – designed to equip students with essential mediation skills that go beyond traditional classroom learning.

We understand that continuous learning is key to personal and professional growth, and we’re excited to offer an opportunity for students to gain practical skills and techniques for facilitating mediation between disputing parties.

Our intelligently crafted 2-hour session will provide you with an immersive experience of how a mediation proceeds, from getting started to concluding appropriately. With a focus on the six essential steps involved in the mediation process, you’ll learn how to facilitate joint sessions, conduct private caucuses, negotiate, and overcome impasses if any.

This program is incredibly popular, and for a good reason. Through our mocks and focused sessions, you’ll gain valuable insights into whether you have the potential to become a skilled mediator. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision about pursuing mediation certification.

Who should attend?

This program is appropriate for all students who are interested in adding mediation to their practice, while it is a part of the curriculum for law students..
We welcome students from all streams to join the session. The students who have undergone the sessions are from High Schools, Humanities Students, 11th and 12th class students and law colleges and other streams.
The law students can opt for the detailed progam for Mediation Certification and Internship – send us a mail

Leave a message at indiamediates@gmail.com we will be happy to get back.

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