Teens and Mediation

Online Mediation Skills for students so that they keep learning outside the class:

Taste of Mediation, Mediation Skills for students.

The students need to keep learning. It is not always in the classroom. The resources that are available today allow us to share knowledge outside the limited spaces of classrooms. They can learn the basics of almost anything and then make a choice about taking it further.

This 2-hour session is packed intelligently to give you an experience of how a mediation proceeds.
A mediation proceeds in 6 steps from getting started, joint sessions, private caucuses, negotiating, breaking impasses if any, then concluding appropriately.

This is the most popular program. Here you learn the practical skills and techniques for facilitating mediation between disputing parties.

The mocks and focused sessions will also help you to see if you have a mediator in you. You can make an informed choice if you must get yourself certified. Let us know if you want a certificate program in the mail indiamediates@gmail.com.

Learning objectives.

  • Understand the ways of resolving disputes.
  • Understand the role of a mediator.
  • Observe the importance of listening and express empathy.
  • Understand why the interests and needs of the parties are important.
  • Learn how to preserve value and relationships through mediation
  • Get a glimpse of online mediation and learn how to conduct mediations online.
Who should attend?

Anyone, because anyone can learn to mediate. This program is appropriate for all students who are interested in adding mediation to their practice, especially law students.
We welcome students from all streams to join the session. Previously the students who have undergone the sessions are from High Schools, Humanities Students, 11th and 12th class students and law colleges (mainly mediation mooters), and other streams.

Leave a message at indiamediates@gmail.com we will be happy to get back.

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