OutofCourt.in is India's one-of-a-kind mediation-focused platform where anyone can learn the essential skill of mediation, you don't have to be a lawyer. At OOC we aim to resolve conflicts using mediation and train people in the ways of Mediation.

OutofCourt was founded by Meena Waghray and has successfully trained over 900+ people from all walks of life in the skills of conflict resolution through mediation. We offer one-of-a-kind training suited to the Indian context. The workshops are based on several years of experience in the field of law and with people. Our trainings are customized based on our audience to enable them to handle conflicts in their workplaces, homes, students, law students, psychologists etc.

Meet the Founder

She has over two decades of experience working as an advocate in Bangalore Courts & Tribunals, etc. She observed that many cases could have stayed outofcourt if only the parties simply talked it out. Cases in courts do not settle fast but they sure break families and drain the pockets of the people involved. All cases do not have the legal aspect they can be nipped in the bud. This people aspect of law triggered an interest in mediation in Meena. She believes that anyone can learn the skill to help others resolve matters. They don't have to be lawyers to resolve issues. She created and tested out the training based on the international standards and practice of mediation and crafted it to suit the Indian audience. She believes that anyone can learn to Mediate and has successfully trained several people in the craft of mediation. Another way to nip court cases in the courts is to empower people to resolve matters by themselves or through a neutral mediator.

Meena was nominated for the Prestigious Shaamnaad Basheer Prize by Agami, An Asoka University Initiative "No Changemaker Left Behind", for her work of reaching Mediation to the grassroots and the non-legal community.


Meena Pershad Waghray : Founder, Trainer, Course Designer, and the Chief Mediator at Outofcourt.in

Three words to describe Meena would be Meditation, Mediation, and Mentoring!

Meet the Team

Juthika Sarker Mondal

Accredited Mediator, Coach, Human Resource Manager, Internship & Trainings Co-ordinator

Arundhati Patkar

Accredited Mediator

Law aspirant, ILS Pune