Online Mediation Intensive Certificate Program

Online Mediation Intensive Certificate Program

The Outofcourt is pleased to announce that our popular 3-day/ 2hours Mediating program is now open. In this program, you’ll gain the core skills and highly effective techniques you need to facilitate mediation between disputing parties. [Note: The Mediation Study Program cum Internship is FREE with this Program.] Prebook your seats as this class fills very quickly. Send a mail to

Through a combination of mock simulations, interactive discussions, feedback, and exercises, you’ll examine the legal and ethical issues of mediation and the psychological dimensions of the mediation process. During this intensive, 3-day/6 hours program, you will:

  • Broaden your understanding of ways to resolve disputes
  • Become more comfortable with the role of mediator and diverse mediation styles
  • Enhance your ability to listen, express empathy, develop options, understand interests, and build agreements
  • Learn how to preserve value and relationships through mediation
  • Explore best practices for online mediation and discover how to conduct mediations online.

Please note: This program is the last one that will run online at and at reduced rates. From 2022, the program will be in person in the city of Bangalore and the rates will differ.