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Private Mediations.

2. Training.
Mediation is, rapidly, becoming the first choice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism in courts in India. The positive thrust from the Supreme Court in recognizing its effectiveness law student cannot overlook the importance of learning mediation as a skill.

The moot courts and client counseling competitions help only to some extent in negotiation and getting clarity on a subject. The skills taught in a mediation training not only conclude the essential learning skills but also the ability of focused communication. It is a must have skill for Law Students.

Mediation training teaches a rather refined style of expression which helps a client open up. What our law schools miss out on is teaching the people skills, while the lawyers are always engaged with people, fellow lawyers and interacting effectively with the judges. This comes with an intuitive ability to connect with people and good communication skills. The good thing is that these could be learned.

We encourage our mediators to publish articles and participate in MOOTs for the college. It helps one to convey the facts and matters of the case effectively to any party concerned.

This training addresses all the above effectively.

Types of Training: 

  1. Taste of Mediation – 60 minute free session introduction on mediation (Online/Offline)
  2. 3-day intensive training (Online) 
  3. 3-day intensive training (Offline)(40 Hours)
  4. Advanced Mediation training 
  5. Negotiation skills (Online/Offline)
  6. Mediation skills (Online/Offline)

3. Free Mediation for Families with Substance Abuse member.

of Substance abuse, be it alcohol, Drugs or anything it impacts the relationships in the entire family. Guilt, Anger, Self blame etc. Often people stop communicating.
Here mediation comes in and brings families on a common platform to speak. We have expert psychologists in the mediations.

4. Free Mediation for Families dealing with ailing Senior Citizens.

Having elders in the family is a blessing, however to see them suffer and the guilt comes with having to discuss inheritances add to the agony of the family members.
Again either the family fight or stop communicating and misunderstandings grow. Going to court becomes the only option.
If families come on a common platform with a neutral they can speak their version and listen to others. They just may not have to go to court. Families can approach the courts for the limited purpose of legal matters.
Matters resolve or ease in Mediation.

5. Internships for Law Students.
a. OOC Trained Mediator Internship. [Shadowing OOC Mediations, Assessment, Moot Court Design and participating. Complete Study Program as a Mediator, Initiative Certificates].

b. Regular Mediation Internship. [Research and Deep Study]

Law students spend a month undergoing the Study Program on Mediation to understand the concept and its applicability in real life. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has been urging the concepts of ADR to reduce cases in courts. The Law students need to be geared up for the profession.