Mediation Training

Out of Court provides mediation training that is essential for law students in India. Mediation is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative dispute resolution mechanism in courts, and the Supreme Court’s positive recognition of its effectiveness cannot be overlooked. While moot courts and client counseling competitions help develop negotiation and subject clarity skills, the mediation training programs at Out of Court are designed to complement students’ skill sets by offering essential people skills and focused communication abilities. These skills can also benefit students in these competitions, making the mediation training at Out of Court an excellent addition to their overall legal education.

A mediation training teaches a refined style of expression that helps clients open up. This is something that is often missing from law schools, which focus more on the technical aspects of the law. Lawyers are always engaged with people, fellow lawyers, and interacting effectively with judges, but this comes with an intuitive ability to connect with people and good communication skills. The good news is that these skills can be learned, and a mediation training is the perfect place to start. Out of Court’s mediation training addresses all of these skills effectively and can help students participate confidently in moot courts and client counseling competitions by improving their ability to convey case facts effectively to any party concerned.

Overall, Out of Court’s mediation training is an essential investment for law students in India who want to develop the necessary skills to become effective mediators. The training provides hands-on experience with mock mediation sessions and feedback from experienced mediators, allowing students to gain practical experience in a supportive learning environment. By developing effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills, law students can become valuable mediators in their personal and professional lives, as well as in Moot courts and client counseling competitions.

Taste of Mediation

“Taste of Mediation” is a 60-minute free session that introduces people to mediation, which can be done either online or offline.

3 days Intensive Mediation Training

A 3-day intensive training on mediation is available online, and another 3-day training is available in-person, totalling 40 hours of training.

Advanced Mediation Training

Advanced mediation training includes in-person mock mediation sessions with experienced mediators who provide feedback to help individuals gain practical experience and develop their skills in a supportive learning environment.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a process of reaching an agreement by finding common ground and making concessions. Online/offline negotiation skills training can help individuals develop effective communication and problem-solving skills.