Outofcourt.in is a one-of-a-kind platform for mediation and legal training, uniquely designed to cater to the Indian experience. Founded by Meena Waghray, an experienced Chief Mediator, Lawyer, and Head Trainer, Outofcourt.in (OOC) offers mediation training that is curated to suit the distinct cultural and professional needs of India. Meena’s extensive experience in the legal field, legal education for teens, and her expertise as a Yoga and Meditation facilitator with world’s largest NGO The Art of Living International, has enabled her to develop a mediation style that is rooted in the Indian ethos.
At OOC, we offer training programs that blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques, equipping our participants with skills that are not just effective but culturally relevant as well. Our unique Indian mediation style focuses on developing empathy, effective communication, and conflict resolution skills that are essential for building long-lasting relationships. Our courses are designed to empower individuals to navigate complex personal and professional situations with grace, poise, and integrity.

Our aim is to help people FIND THE MEDIATOR within themselves. Our mediation training programs are designed to not only equip individuals with the necessary skills but also to foster a mindset of openness and curiosity. We believe that everyone has the potential to be an effective mediator, and our courses provide a safe and supportive environment to develop this ability.

Our expert trainers bring years of experience in the field of mediation, and our curriculum is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest research and best practices. We also offer ongoing support and mentorship to our participants, ensuring that they have the resources and guidance they need to succeed in their mediation practice.

Join us at Outofcourt.in and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth that will not only benefit you but also those around you.
Experience the transformative power of mediation that is tailored to the Indian context.
Let us help you unlock your potential and achieve greater harmony in your life.
Let us help you discover the mediator within yourself and unlock your full potential.


OOC Founder Meena Waghray

Three words to describe Meena would be Mediation, Mentoring, and Meditation! 

As a lawyer I watched how relationships ended up in court, but as a mediator, I saw how they were stayed together. Stories heal when people express them out loud. As a practicing advocate I have been constantly interested in seeking alternatives to the courtroom and I believe that using mediation to resolve disputes is the most sensible and kind course of action and focussed on this aspect by gettting trained in all related skills.
Basically I have found my calling.

My cornerstone research on the Bangalore Mediation Centre for my PGDCL Program at NLSIU, I had the opportunity and great privilege to shadow multiple mediations which only made it easier to take the difficult decision to shift my career trajectory towards mediation.

I completed the mandatory 40 hour Mediation Training with the ADR Group London, Thomas Valenti of Valenti Law USA.

I recently completed an Advanced Arbitration Program from NALSAR, Hyderabad to add to my skills in the area of ADR.

People of all ages, including teenagers, non-attorneys, and lawyers, have given my training programmes five-star reviews. I also conduct Private Mediations that are the core of OOC. The nomination to the Prestigious Shaamnaad Basheer Prize for working with grassroots in 2019 was an honour in itself.

I strongly believe that teenagers must understand these mediation techniques and grow up learning the resolving skills, and to enable that, I instructed students in 9 through 11 grades in India’s first-ever “Young Mediators Training Program.” This continues with the High Schools and Colleges across India. The Law students across India benefit the most with the Online Mediation Training Programs that is a part of their curriculum.

I describe myself in these 3 words Meditation,Mediation, Mentoring.